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To engage black men in events, programs, and initiatives which create a positive narrative around the black male image. Black Men’s Style is a non-profit organization that looks to empower, educate, and support black men within the community. Black Men’s Style redefines the portrayal of black men in the media within society and amongst ourselves.

blk unity shoot

Started by our founder in 2019, these quarterly networking, lifestyle, and wellness events are designed for black men to network and grow.

At these events, men are provided with complimentary styling and grooming for the end goal of a photo and video shoot.

The images and videos are given to the men to enhance their professional portfolios positively.

These images are displayed throughout the year as a visual reminder of black Excellence on popular social media platforms and as digital books for public use. 

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We facilitate positive and uplifting initiatives across Canada. We are here to reinvigorate our Black men within the community and highlight our importance, achievements, our excellence in our own style while shedding a positive light on empowerment amongst one another.


We put emphasis on changing the narrative around black masculinity in modern culture. Join the moment. Subscribe and become a member of Black Men’s Style. Let’s redefine our portrayal & showcase our Black excellence.

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